CUUSOO helps users get what they want.

This platform for crowdsourcing and crowdfunding will help all users from around the world
to get their product ideas realized with the following 3 steps.

1. Post your product idea to CUUSOO.

Post your awesome ideas, take a great photo of samples if you have it already, and write a convincing project description. You can quote images and videos to describe your ideas even if you do not have a sample. Your idea will be on a ground field to be viewed by our audience. “Launch made easy” is the keywords of CUUSOO.

2. Share your idea to get supporters.

Receive feedback from friends and fans to enhance your product. Get people involved and transform it from a concept into a manufacturable product. All information collected in voting process helps the realization of your project. Once your project gathers the required votes, CUUSOO will start the evaluation of feasibility and research manufactures which can produce your project in real. (Required voting number will be set on 100 - 1,000 based on the type of idea.) Once your idea finds good manufactures and brands for actual production. The pre-order through crowdfunding for production will begin.CUUSOO will find brands that enable your ideas become reality. Brands will start the crowd-funding simply by gathering the pre-orders from users.

3. Receive Royality

Once the project achieves the required numbers of pre-orders. Brands will start production. The goods from your idea will be delivered to users once they are produced. You will be paid royalty based on sales of products. (CUUSOO will ask you to have a contract for royalty payment once your project is decided to be produced through CUUSOO.) If brands continue to repeat production. CUUSOO will continue to gather pre-orders for next batch.