Creating the future to give shape to our "CUUSOO"

CUUSOO as a crowdfunding service

CUUSOO SYSTEM co., ltd. realized the world's first crowdfunding in 1997 with the mission of "giving shape to what users want". Since then, CUUSOO has enabled brands such as MUJI and LEGO to collect users' excellent ideas and realize commercialization by cooperating with users and brands. More than 20 years have passed since our first crowdfunding, and we believe that crowdfunding has already fulfilled its role in product development, as developing products based on users' opinions and raising funds through crowdfunding has become a common practice.

Issues faced by social infrastructure

On the other hand, social infrastructure that supports this affluent lifestyle that we have come to take for granted is on the verge of a crisis. Social infrastructure in Japan was developed during the era of rapid economic growth, but much of them is now deteriorating. In addition, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the infrastructure in the same way as before due to profitability decline caused by depopulating rural areas and a decrease in the number of maintenance specialists resulting from an aging and shrinking population.

Renewal of the CUUSOO

This is why we have decided to renew CUUSOO as a web platform to create a safe society where people can continue to fantasize, using the method we have cultivated to collect and commercialize users' wants.