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Kohei NIshiyama

An entrepreneur based in Tokyo. Keen on robots and vertical farming.


Created date

September 05, 2013

About this project

This bag was originally ordered in 1990.  The client was a friend of mine who later became a CFO in one of the company that I started. 

Her request were that :  

-large A4 file would fit.

-is durable and even if she uses for long time, it will age with taste.

-she will be hand free when she carries other bags

-it matches  with concervative business attire

I tried to comply to her request by redesigning a traditional lycee bag for student for professionals ( back pack and brief case in one design) I wanted to simplify as much detail as possible. I was also conscious not to make it monotonous. I have talked over and over with crafts man to come up with this  hand made bag with Natural tanned leather.


Originally designed in 1990


+ PaqPaq

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iPad, bottle of water and 
+ paal s bag 
Two way name card holder

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