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Tokyo Electric Power Holdings, Incorporated is looking for technologies to solve the following problems.

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Our Mission

TEPCO is looking for partners that would realize innovative values and solutions to critical social issues.

Through challenging ourselves with new technology, dealing with various businesses, we strive to contribute to society’s development by creating new value for the lives and businesses of consumers and business people.

We have opened to TEPCO CUUSOO to realize such future.

Co-creation will open new doors.

By partnering with you, we will be able to tackle issues we could not before. It is our mission to create a better future by openly cooperating with everyone as we move forward.

How It Works

(Procedure differs depending on the topic you apply. Please make sure you read the information on each challenge’s page.)

how it works how it works

TEPCO CUUSOO is calling for innovative technologies and inspirational ideas to address the pressing challenges.

Please submit your proposal for each challenge. When the result is determined, we will contact you.

If a proposal passes the first evaluation, further information will be asked in the next stage. we proceed with a business review, we will set up an opportunity to discuss the details of your proposal. It may be a face-to-face/online meeting or presentation.

As the proposal proceeds to the final stage, and when both parties come to an agreement, a variety of methods may be employed such as joint development projects, orders placements, and others.

how it works how it works

How It Works

Proposal submission is done in four simple steps.

(Procedure differs depending on the topic you apply. Please make sure you read the information on each challenge’s page.)

Your proposal is restricted to your own expertise, technologies, products and/or ideas that utilize services of a third party.


Come and join us

CUUSOO starts with a simple registration.

We look forward to co-create innovation for a safe and bright future.


  • What do I need at submission?

    When you are submitting your proposal, you will be asked to providenon-confidential information regarding yourself and your proposal; such as your name, your company name, and summary of your proposal. The information being asked may differ depending on the challenge, so make sure to follow the instructions to you challenge in "Submit Form" after passing "Submit" button. (To do so, you need to get CUUSOO account.)

  • When do I get the result?

    The information you submit will simultaneously be sent to Tokyo Electric Power Holdings for verification. We aim to send out results within 10 business days from receipt of submission, but it may take longer depending on the topic you choose.

  • Is there financial transaction involved?

    No. Financial transaction is not involved within CUUSOO.

  • If my proposal were to accepted, what are my obligations?

    In general, multiple meetings will be held before determining whether or not to proceed with your proposal. When accepted, your obligations, rights, fees, expenses etc. will be discussed and enter into contact.

  • For more information, please see CUUSOO Terms of Service.

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    • Inquiries about projects that are not being called for in CUUSOO.
    • Submitting proposals through this inquiry
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