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Created date

September 13, 2013

my place

About this project

over 5 years ago

When this product is used as a deck, what kind of chair is fit for the product?

over 5 years ago

I suppose kids sit on the floor?

almost 6 years ago

Would be great to ad an extension with a tent, so the kids can build their own cave to hide inside?

almost 6 years ago

Camping at home:)

almost 6 years ago

Yes, what would the My Place series of products look like. So it becomes a collection of products that all build on the idea of creating a special place for children inside a home.

almost 6 years ago

予約販売成立おめでとうございます! ご購入頂いた方、発送まで楽しみにお待ちください!

almost 6 years ago


almost 6 years ago


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