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June 12, 2017

Solution for diagnosing deterioration of storage battery


TEPCO is considering to improve maintenance method of its multiple storage batteries.
Currently, status diagnosis of these storage batteries are done by operators measuring voltages and visually inspecting appearances.
To make it more efficient, we would like to replace this human operation with alternative means by using sensors and communication technologies.

【Search needs】
We are seeking partnership with companies that can offer a mechanism for remotely diagnosing deterioration of storage battery.

Companies that can offer a mechanism (system included) for remotely diagnosing storage battery deterioration.
(Its system included)

【Specification and composition of storage battery】
The storage battery is always operated in a floating charge state, and is configured to supply electricity to the load side when a power failure occurs. Currently, deterioration diagnosis is done once a year by local staff.
We are reaching for an automated system that would replace the human factor in the diagnosis.

Total cost of about 100,000 yen or less for product and installation.

600 places during 2-year-period (2017~2018)

Aim for introduction during FY2017.
~October  Technical investigation, call for proposals
November〜 Demonstration, evaluation and consideration
       Contract etc.

【Form of partnership when contracted】
Ordering products, consigning construction etc.

October 13th, 2017
※Deadline may be changed without announcement.

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* Please be aware of the submission deadline.

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