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March 08, 2018

Seeking: Robotic underwater inspection and maintenance technology to lower costs, increase efficiency for offshore wind power generation facilities


Currently, divers inspect and clean the offshore wind power generation facilities. They monitor and take videos of living things that attach themselves to the equipment, and of the fish that gather in the water surrounding the facilities. These underwater operations are susceptible to oceanic conditions such as water flow velocity and wave height.
We are considering using underwater vehicles and robots (such as ROV) for the work currently carried out by divers in these undependable conditions. This will lower the cost of inspection and maintenance for offshore wind power generation facilities and make the work more efficient.
Unlike the protected waters behind a dam, the open sea imposes much tougher requirements on underwater vehicles. It is more difficult to control the position and attitude of the vehicles and robots because of the undersea tidal and current conditions. Tethering may be necessary.
Your technology will provide tough, yet accurate, vehicles and robots that can perform this demanding work in a challenging environment.

We are looking for underwater robots and vehicles such as Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) that can provide efficient and less expensive inspection and maintenance for offshore wind power generation facilities in work that is currently performed by divers.

【Limiting conditions】
Inspection and monitoring work on offshore wind power generation facilities should be conducted stably in the open sea on behalf of divers.
We are supposed to conduct on-site verification test (performance test).

<Operating environment>
Underwater flow velocity:1.0m/s or more
Significant wave height:1.0m – 2.0m

<Vehicle/Robot requirements>
Size:within 1m3
   Vehicle/Robot should be handled with a few people.

<Work · Research contents>
Required activity:
・Inspecting and recording underwater facilities (including location information)
Optional activity:
・Easy cleaning of silt and detritus with brush or similar tool.
・Inspection and tightening of loose bolts on the protective tube foundations of submarine cables.
・Depth inspection of buried cable or submarine cable beneath sand.

<Desired features>
・4K camera, vertically operable
・Underwater acoustic camera
・Device for checking loose bolts (sound made by striking, brush to clear silt, etc.)
・Bold tightening device
・Cleaning equipment (brush, underwater jet, underwater vacuum, etc.)
・General underwater navigation package (for example):
・Depth meter
・Inertial system

<Field of use and intended applications>
Undersea inspection and repair.

【Form of partnership】
We will consider joint development.

【Submission deadline】
September 30, 2018.
*Application period and contents are subject to change without notice.
*After offering suggestions, we may ask you additional questions during the above period.

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* Please be aware of the submission deadline.

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