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August 09, 2019

Efficient treatment for contaminated water with high salt concentration


【Current situation】
Once Cesium is removed from the contaminated water using a Cesium removal system, water is treated by evaporation / Reverse Osmosis (RO). This process generates contaminated water with high salt concentration (Cl-,Na+,Ca2+,Mg2+) which obstructs the effective removal of radioactive materials. Since it is difficult to remove radioactive materials from such concentrated water, technologies for water treatment under high salinity environment are required.

▲ The process of the high salt concentrated water being generated (At the time)

Sr-90 must be removed from water with high salt concentration.

【Our needs】
We are seeking for a treatment method to efficiently remove radioactive materials with low generation of radioactive waste from contaminated water with high salinity (For information on water quality, please see (reference) below). Please note that the amount of target contaminated water with high salinity is 9,000 t which will not increase because it was generated in the past.

【Detailed information】
○Applicable / Inapplicable proposals
*Applicable proposals
We accept proposals that satisfy all the following requirements.
- Radioactive waste generated by removal of radioactive materials should be solid waste.
- Amount of waste generated by the process should be indicated.
- Proposed technology must be already tested and submitted with supporting data.
- Target concentration level should be met at the given water quality ( see reference)

*Inapplicable proposals
・Technologies that dilution from target water is assumed

○Water quality (reference)
Total β:35720Bq/cc

○Target concentration level after treatment
Cs-137:10-4Bq/cc order
Sr-90 :10-4Bq/cc order

○Development Level
The proposal must be at level 4 or 5 of the following development levels.
▶︎ 5.commercialized
▶︎ 4.efficiency verified through feasibility study
 3.feasibility study phase
 2.planning & development phase
 1.idea phase

【Submission deadline】
November 30, 2019 (JST)
*Application period and contents are subject to change without notice.
*After submission we may ask you additional questions during the above period.

● Please make sure you read and understand the “Constraints” before your submission. Only proposals that comply with these “Constraints” will be submitted to TEPCO.
● If mandatory questions are not answered or not appropriately answered, the proposal will not be submitted to TEPCO.
● Please move to the submission form from the "Submit" button at the bottom of this page and fill in your proposal.

When you propose your ideas, TEPCO CUUSOO account is needed.
* Please be aware of the submission deadline.

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