Article 1: Application of Terms

  • The TEPCO CUUSOO Terms of Use (hereinafter “the Terms”) apply to the use of the web service “TEPCO CUUSOO” (hereinafter “the Service”) provided by CUUSOO SYSTEM (hereinafter “CUUSOO”, “we” or “us”).
  • Anyone who uses the Service (hereinafter “the User” or “you”) is deemed to have agreed with the Terms by using the Service.
  • The contents of the Terms may be changed when necessary, and the User shall follow the changes. We will not inform you of every change, and you are requested to check the latest Terms of Use when you use the Service.

Article 2: Definitions

    The name given to the website and the service operated by CUUSOO at the request of Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Incorporated (hereinafter “TEPCO Holdings”) (1-1-3 Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo).
  • CUUSOO platform
    The name of the co-creation platform operated by CUUSOO. TEPCO CUUSOO is one of the services being operated on the CUUSOO platform.
  • Contents
    A general term for the information available from the Service, including the information entered by the User.
  • Member
    A person who has enrolled as a member to use the Service and acquired an ID for the Service.
  • Personal information
    The information on the User including the name, date of birth and other information that can be used to identify a specific User.

Article 3: Member registration

  • Member registration is needed to use the Service, and member registration is subject to this Article.
  • The member registration to the Service is made for the CUUSOO platform provided by CUUSOO, even if you make registration to use a specific function constituting the Service. In order to make use of any service provided by CUUSOO other than the Service, you must agree to the Terms of Use and Guidelines of the relevant service.
  • We continue to evaluate the applicants for member registration before and after registration. When we deem any User to fall under any of the following, we have the right to erase the contents of application for registration of the User and refuse the use of the Service or any other service provided by us.
    • The applicant does not exist.
    • The applicant is suspended from registration due to violation of the Terms or any other reason at the time of application, or the applicant was suspended from registration by us due to violation of the Terms or any other reason in the past.
    • The applicant intentionally entered false information in application.
    • The applicant is any of a minor, an adult ward, a person under curatorship or a person under assistance, and the application was not made by the guardian of adult or the consent of the legal representative, conservator or assistant was not obtained at the time of application.
    • The applicant has a relationship with any organization aimed at antisocial activities (e.g., organized crime).
    • Any other case when we consider it as inappropriate to give the qualification for registration to the applicant.
  • The User shall comply with the Terms and individual guideline in using the Service which requires registration.

Article 4: Establishment of use environment

  • The User shall prepare the communication equipment, software, and any ancillary equipment necessary for use of the Service at its own cost and responsibility to make the Service available. In addition, the User shall make a connection with the Internet through the telecommunication service or telecommunication line selected at the discretion of the User, at its own cost and responsibility.
  • The User shall take security measures to prevent the computer virus infection, unauthorized access and information leakage by reference to the information provided by the authorities concerned.

Article 5: Principle of self-responsibility

  • The User shall be solely responsible for the use of the Service, any action using the Service and the consequences.
  • When the User causes damage to CUUSOO or any third party due to the use of the Service and any action using the Service (including the case when damages are caused to CUUSOO or any third party due to the User’s non-performance of obligations under the Terms), the User shall compensate for such damage at its own cost and responsibility.

Article 6: Prohibition of transfer of rights

  • The User may not transfer, sell, change the ownership, establish the right of pledge, or give as security the right to receive the provision of the Service to any third party.

Article 7: Personal information

  • The personal information registered by the User and the personal information on the User acquired by CUUSOO (hereinafter “Personal Information”) shall be appropriately handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy
  • The Personal Information acquired through the User’s use of a specific part of the website constituting the Service may be used in other website operated by CUUSOO.
  • The purpose of the Service is to submit the proposal from the User to TEPCO Holdings for its evaluation. Therefore, all information entered in the given form in the Service will be provided to TEPCO Holdings through the platform or via e-mail. If you request for erasure of the submitted information, please contact tepco.cuusoo@cuusoo.com.
  • In addition to the items specified in the Privacy Policy, we will use the Personal Information for the Service within the range of the following purpose of use.
    • Display the nickname or icon image of the User on the website of the Service to show who posted a message or picture or who created the page in the Service.
    • Display the Personal Information registered in the Service on the entry screen to facilitate the User’s data entry, or transfer the data to other service based on the User’s instruction.
    • Use the information to identify an individual such as the name and address of the User, in order to refuse the use of the Service by the User who violated the Terms, for example causing damages to other Users or any third party, or the User who intends to use the Service for dishonest or unfair purpose.

Article 8: Operation of the Service

  • We may change the contents of the Service, or suspend or cancel the Service at any time without notice when we deem it as necessary. When we change the important elements of the Service, we will make efforts to notify the User of the matter by e-mail to the registered e-mail address or by posting the information on our website, but we do not guarantee that we do so.
  • We have the right to take legal or technical measures to prohibit a User from accessing the Service without notice and legal responsibility, when we see the User as violating the Terms.
  • We take no liability for any damages caused to the User due to change, stoppage or suspension of the Service by us.

Article 9: Prohibitions

  • The User shall not perform any of the following using the Service.
    • Any act which infringes or may infringe the intellectual property rights such as copyright and trademark right of CUUSOO, other Users or any third party.
    • Any act which infringes or may infringe the property, privacy or portrait rights of other Users or any third party.
    • Presentment of information including name, address, phone number and e-mail address with which a third party can identify a specific individual.
    • Increasing the number of polling or subscription by acquiring multiple IDs using multiple e-mail addresses.
    • Acquisition of ID on behalf of any User whose ID has been suspended or disabled.
    • Any act which discriminates or defames other Users or any third party, or injures the reputation or credibility of others.
    • Any act or dissemination of information which damages the reputation and brand image of CUUSOO or any third party related to the Service.
    • Alteration or erasure of the information accessible in the Service through illicit means.
    • Pretending to be CUUSOO or others (including any act making up the e-mail header for arrogation).
    • Transmission of harmful computer program or making such program receivable to others.
    • Pre-election campaigning or election campaign (including similar activities) or any act violating the Public Offices Election Act.
    • Transmission of e-mail to others without prior consent for advertisement, publicity or solicitation, or any offensive e-mail (including e-mail which may cause such uncomfortable feeling, so-called “spam mail”). Interruption of e-mail reception by others. Requesting transmission of chain mail or transmission of such mail upon request.
    • Any act which poses (or may pose) a problem for the use or operation of equipment of others or equipment for the Service (communication equipment, computers, other equipment and software that we arrange for provision of the Service, the same applies hereafter) by accessing the equipment through illicit means and using port scanning, Denial of Service attack or transmitting a huge amount of e-mail.
    • Any act to deactivate or ward off the access control function of the Service.
    • Acquisition of Personal Information of others without their consent or through fraudulent conduct (including so-called phishing or similar means).
    • Business activities using the Service, use of the Service for profit or for the preparation without prior consent of CUUSOO.
    • Use of the Service without performing obligations such as reporting to the supervisory agency or acquisition of approval and license based on the laws and regulations. Any other act which violates or may violate the laws and regulations.
    • Any act which hampers the operation of the Service or exchange or sharing of information led by other Users or a third party. Any act which causes disadvantages to CUUSOO, the User or others, including defaming of credibility or infringement of property rights.
    • Any act which materially hampers our business, such as calling us for a long time or repeating excessive inquiries.
    • Any act which violates laws and regulations or the Terms. Any act which is contrary to public order and morality (including transmission or display of information or cruel image which possibly encourages or triggers violence, or any act aimed at promulgating specific religion).
    • Posting a link to the data, etc. from which the information or image of any of the above acts (including the case when such acts are performed by others) is available with an aim to encourage such acts.
    • Any other acts that we deem inappropriate.

Article 10: Use restrictions

  • We may restrict the use of the Service by a User without obtaining consent from the User when the User falls into any of the following.
    • It is considered that the use of the Service by the User possibly causes damages to a third party, for example providing a pathway for infection of worm or mass-mailing.
    • The User conducts any of the acts specified in Article 9, and does not show any improvements in spite of our warning.
    • Any other cases that we see the User as inappropriate.
  • We take no liability for unavailability of the Service by the User and any damages caused by such unavailability due to our measures described in the preceding paragraph.

Article 11: Erasure of data, etc.

  • When the data of the User, deregistered persons, or persons whose registration is suspended which is accumulated in the equipment for the Service exceeds the amount predetermined by CUUSOO or the storage period expires, or when it is necessary for operation and maintenance of the Service, we may erase the data without prior notice to the User.
  • We take no liability for the erasure of data based on the preceding paragraph. The User shall make a backup of the necessary data on your own responsibility.

Article 12: Temporary suspension

  • In the event of any of the following, we may temporarily suspend or terminate the provision of the whole or part of the Service without prior notice to the User.
    • When periodic or urgent maintenance work of the equipment for the Service is performed.
    • When it is impossible to provide the Service due to fire or electric outage.
    • When it is impossible to provide the Service due to act of nature such as earthquake, eruption, flood or seismic sea wave.
    • When it is impossible to provide the Service due to war, convulsion, riot, ferment or labor dispute.
    • Any other case when we determine that temporary suspension of the Service is necessary for operational or technical reasons.
  • Unless specifically provided in the Terms, we take no liability for damages caused to the User or any third party due to delay, suspension or termination of the whole or part of the Service because of any event in the preceding paragraph or any other reason.

Article 13: Handling of violation of the Terms

  • When we consider that any act of the User violates the Terms, we may, without notice, erase and change the contents sent through the Service, suspend the Service, deregister the User and refuse the User’s access to the Service.
  • We will not accept any inquiries or complaints about our handling of the matter based on this article.

Article 14: Disclaimer

  • We take no liability for any damages caused to the User in using the Service.
  • We take no liability for any damages arising from the unavailability of the Service or loss of data due to defect, error or failure of the Service.
  • The Service and the contents are provided “as is”. We do not warrant the integrity, accuracy, applicability or usability of the information, contents and software that we provide.
  • The management of the contents posted by the User on the website of the Service is left to the User who posted the contents. We take no liability for any damages due to erasure of the contents by the User or unavailability of the contents because of the User’s withdrawal from membership.
  • We take no liability when the data of the Service is damaged due to some sort of external factor (e.g. system failure).
  • Some links to the websites or resources of other companies or individuals may be put in the Service. In that case, we do not manage those websites or resources and we take no liability for any damages (whether directly or indirectly) caused due to or in connection with the contents, products or services available on those websites or resources.
  • Any transaction on the website of other entity linked from the Service shall be conducted at the risk of the User and the other entity. We take no liability for any damages caused by the transaction conducted on the other entity’s website linked from the Service or by the link itself.

Article 15: Change of registration information

  • When any changes arise in the information entered in the application for member registration, the User shall promptly notify us of the changes.
  • We take no liability when the delivery of our notification or other information is delayed or fails due to the absence of change notice from the User.

Article 16: Ownership, copyright and other intellectual property rights

  • All titles and ownership including the copyright, author’s moral right and other intellectual property rights related to CUUSOO platform and the system of the Service are held by us or a third party designated by us. We reserve any rights not explicitly granted to the User in the Terms.
  • The copyright and other rights related to the contents posted by the User on the Service shall be reserved by the User who created the contents. However, we may use the contents (including the images and explanatory texts) for free without restriction on the area and manner, without maintaining the integrity according to circumstances, without showing the name of the poster, for provision of the Service or for publication of the Service. The User shall agree that the intellectual property rights and other rights including the copyright and author’s moral right of the poster may be restricted to the extent necessary.
  • The User may not copy or download any contents from the Service unless the User is explicitly authorized to do so.
  • The User may not remove, hide or change the notice of copyright, patent, trademark or other ownership, which is added to the contents. Moreover, the User may not sell, distribute, copy, modify, execute or display publicly, communicate, publish, edit, translate, imitate or use without consent the contents.
  • When the User illegally copies the contents on the Service, we may deregister the membership, prohibit the use of the Service, or take legal actions.

Article 17: Deregistration

  • When the User wants to deregister the membership, the User shall notify us of the matter in a prescribed way.
  • The qualification for registration shall be exclusive to the User. When we know the death of any User, we will handle it as receiving the deregistration request.
  • When we incur any expenses or make payment of compensation in relation to handling of claims or requests described in the preceding paragraph, the expenses, compensation and attorney’s fee paid by us shall be borne by the User, and we may charge the User for the total amount of the above.
  • We may request the User to modify or remove the contents sent by the User for the operation of the website. In that case, please modify or remove the contents in a prompt manner.

Article 18: Notification

  • When we consider it necessary to contact or notify a registered User, we will contact the User by e-mail or other means.
  • Unless otherwise specified in the Terms, the User shall contact us by e-mail when the User wants to. We do not accept any phone calls or visits. Send e-mail to tepco.cuusoo@cuusoo.com for any inquiries on the Service or the operation.

Article 19: Court of jurisdiction

  • The Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreed jurisdictional court of first instance with regard to any conflict between the User and us.

Article 20: Governing law

  • The Terms shall be governed and construed under the laws of Japan.

【Additional clause】

  • 1st version, February 1, 2016