The guidelines on this page explain how CUUSOO works, what's acceptable for a project, and define our user code of conduct. New project submissions that don't adhere to these guidelines will not be published, and by having a CUUSOO account, you agree to abide by the House Rules in this document.

How This Works

  • If you want to submit your original idea, your submissions must be original and no one else's. You attest you are the original creator of the project and you have the exclusive right to submit your project to CUUSOO. You agree that you will not upload images that belong to someone else as a part of your project.
    For your idea to become reality, CUUSOO and/or CUUSOO's partner, must have the exclusive rights to manufacture, distribute, market, and sell your idea. We're not trying to take away your ability to post and share your model, though. You can continue to do that as you wish on your own website and online profiles.
  • If you want someone else's idea to become a reality through CUUSOO, you must indicate where the original idea comes from. You grant us the rights we need to commercialize your idea when your project reaches a minimum threshold of voting.
  • If you are 18 years old or younger, you must be legally able to enter into a contract with us in case we decide to commercialize your idea.
  • You will receive dividends or royalty if you have concluded a separate formal, written agreement with CUUSOO. The content of the separate agreement shall be given priority, notwithstanding the content of the stipulations of these guidelines.

Acceptable Project Content

While there's a wide range of awesome ideas that would make great CUUSOO products, there are some things that you are not allowed to include in your project. Here is the list of what we don’t allow:

  • Politics and political symbols
  • Religious references including symbols, buildings, or people
  • Sex, drugs, or smoking
  • Swearing
  • Death, killing, blood, terrorism, or torture
  • Racism, bullying, or cruelty to real life animals

Basic Project Quality Standards

Please respect others who browse CUUSOO by putting effort into your project. We only approve new project submissions that meet these basic quality standards:

  • Photos, renderings, screenshots, and drawings should be clear and well-lit.
  • Your project title and description text should be clearly understood and in proper case. For example, do not use ALL CAPS, all lowercase, MiXEd cAsE, txtspeak, ch4tsp34k, heavy punctuation!!!!!!!, etc.
  • The images you use should match your title and description.

House Rules

Help us keep a fun and respectful atmosphere with a focus on sharing new ideas for CUUSOO products. You are expected to observe the following common-sense house rules:

  • Be respectful. Keep your remarks constructive and respectful. Don't be offensive, creepy, abusive, humiliating or intimidating and don't attack, harass, or impersonate others.
  • Stay on-topic. Comments for a specific project are intended for that project only. Do not post links to your own project on someone else's project. Off-topic remarks or unintelligible comments (made in ALL CAPS, txtspeak, chatspeak, and the like) will be considered spam and removed by moderators.
  • Don't advertise, preach, or campaign. CUUSOO is not a venue for preaching or disseminating your political or religious views. It is also not a venue to advertise any business, non-profit, or charitable cause. Comments or projects that intended to advertise, campaign, or promote a political/religious viewpoint as well as content intended to put down a political/religious belief held by another person or group of people will be removed.
  • Keep it clean. CUUSOO is to be a good, clean environment. Don't create projects or make comments containing hate speech or related to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, politics, sex; or any kind of content containing realistic or extreme violence, or content intended to shock or disgust.
  • We will step in if we must. We reserve the right to remove any projects or comments that violate the guidelines. Repeated violations will result in suspension or ban from CUUSOO.
  • We may change the Guidelines. We may change the content of these guidelines without obtaining the consent of members. When you want to make a comment/opinion or request to CUUSOO, please be certain to check in advance the terms of use and the latest guidelines.