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Created date

November 01, 2001

LED Portable Light

About this project

Do you think it's useful if there is a light anywhere you want, such as bedside or on the floor?
However, usually it's troublesome to bring lamps because of its long code, or it's impossible because of its short code. 
But, this proposal of "LED Portable Light" can be carried and hung Light anywhere.


This light is cordless and chargeable. You can bring it anywhere.
On the bedside before sleeping, At going to restroom at midnight, On going for a walk in night... It can be used in many situation.
The hole on the upper part of the product helps you to bring, or hung on the door nob.


In the website of MUJI.net, run by MUJI, there was a project MONOZUKURI (Craftmanship) "Furniture・Electronics".
That project produced many items made from dreams from customer , using "CUUSOO", the first crowd-funding/crowd-sourcing platform founded in 1997.

The project of "LED Portable Light" started pre-order crowd-funding from November 1st, and achieved 300 orders in 18 days.

Now, it has changed its shape based on user's reaction and the newest edition is now available in MUJI Store as one of the basic product line-up.


The Website of「空想無印 - CUUSOO MUJI (http://www.muji.net/community/mono/cuusoo/)」had been supported by many users since 2002, now closed after the long big success in March 12th in 2012.