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Created date

April 01, 2003

Wall Shelf

About this project

"Wall Shelf" is a product that can be used as a shelf, when you attach it on the wall.
Display CDs or books, make new shelf where you want.
You can use it in as many variations as your idea.


You can put the stuff which you often use, or you can arrange many "Wall Shelf" like stairs, to display flowers.
It can be attached in every direction, every angle you want.

WIDTH 13.5 × DEPTH 13.5 × HEIGHT 11cm


In the website of MUJI.net, run by MUJI, there was a project MONOZUKURI (Craftmanship) "Furniture・Electronics".
That project produced many items made from dreams from customer , using "CUUSOO", the first crowd-funding/crowd-sourcing platform founded in 1997.

The project of "Wall Shelf" was commercialized in 2002, and it was sold in MUJI Stores all over the wolrd as one of the basic product line-up.

The Website of「空想無印 - CUUSOO MUJI (http://www.muji.net/community/mono/cuusoo/)」which had been supported by many users since 2002, was closed in March 12th in 2012 after the long big success.