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A project from

Kohei NIshiyama

An entrepreneur based in Tokyo. Keen on robots and vertical farming.

Koji Kusaka


Created date

September 19, 2013

Two way business card holder

About this project

This business card case was originally designed upon request from a professional who worked at Marunochi, the financial district of Tokyo city. His request was that he needed a simple solution that would allow him to carry two different business cards in one case: one for his business and one for his non-profit activities. 
If you look carefully you could see that this namecard has two slits on each opposit sides that allow to store two different cards. In the middle there is a shared slit that would allow storing received cards.
I myself have been using this for more than a decade now. Its been one of the most favorite product that I ever delivered. What is more important, its been used by people around me. My sister also has been using this for more than decade and now the whole CUUSOO team have one too! 
This is a product that allowed me to live up to my credo` create what makes you happy that makes others happy`
The original was designed in 2001
この名刺ケースは、もともと、丸の内で働く方の要望に応じて制作されました。彼の要求は、2種類の名刺を一つのケースで携帯できる、シンプルな製品が欲しい、というものでした。 この名刺ケースは、2種類の名刺を携帯することができるように両側に2つのスリットを持っているのが特徴です。さらに、受け取った名刺を保管できるように、両側のスリットをつなぐ中間部分にも、さらにもう1つスリットがあります。 私自身は、10年以上この製品を愛用しています。私が今までデザインしてきた中で、最も好きな​​製品の一つとなっています。さらに重要なのは、私の妹も10年以上これを愛用しており、また、現在はCUUSOOチームの全員が所持して、使用していることです! これは、「他の人を幸せにすることを、あなたが幸せになるもので作る」という、私の信条にも応える製品です 。オリジナルは、2001年に設計されました。

For estimated delivery dateIt might take up to three months for the delivery. Depending on how busy the workshop is,we may be able to deliver much faster.If you would like to confirm the estimated delivery date before you order, please feel free to contact us support@cuusoo.com.商品のお届けには、最大3ヶ月かかる場合がありますが、ご購入時期によっては、さらに短期でお手元にお届けできます。発送予定日について、ご購入前に確認したい場合は、support@cuusoo.com までお問い合わせください。 

BrandThis brand has created by Kohei Nishiyama.+ PaqPaq

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Kohei NIshiyama
about 7 years ago

We will be able to ship this to most of the countries around world too.

Kohei NIshiyama
about 7 years ago

With generous support from Kusaka-san who will manufacture the name card, the minimum lot has been reduced to ONE. This means that we do not have to wait for the batch to fill. Thank you. Kusaka-san!

Kohei NIshiyama
about 7 years ago

Thank you everyone for supporting this idea!

Paal Smith-Meyer
over 7 years ago

I would have one side for my own cards and another for cards I receive. What material is it?
I would like one in vintage leather.

Kohei NIshiyama
over 7 years ago

My sister owns one and she is using it as you suggest. It seems to work well to keep the namecards well organized. Excepts for the threads everything is made with real leather.

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