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Kohei NIshiyama

An entrepreneur based in Tokyo. Keen on robots and vertical farming.


Created date

July 31, 2014

Secure security card holder

About this project

More and more people are required to carrry a security card to pass the entrance gate at the office.Since it is convenient,  many people are now hanging their card holders from their neck.
These card holders prevents one from not carrying the security card. But at the same time, it creates a new problem of revealing the privacy to the others since most of the sucurity cards have the company and the staffs name printed on. 
This name card holder is designed in a way so that you could flip the printed side inside out. When you need to show the photo to the security guard, one could just open the lid. 
The original model was designed in 2001.

Kohei NIshiyama
about 7 years ago

There are only three of these on this planet. This is one of them:)

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