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January 24, 2008

Translucent Memo Pad

About this project

This transparent stickies allow you to write over the sheet. You can also read the pages through it and keep your novels, notebooks and textbooks clean.


Especially, it is useful when you use map.
You can write on a map without staining it.

There are many colours variation
You can tear it to change size as you want.


In the website of MUJI.net, run by MUJI, there was a project Monodukuri "furniture・electronics". That project produced
many items made from dreams from customer , using "CUUSOO.COM", the first crowd-funding/crowd-sourcing platform
founded in 1997.

The Website of「空想無印 - CUUSOO MUJI (http://www.muji.net/community/mono/cuusoo/)」which had been supported by many users since 2002, was closed in March 12th in 2012 after the long big success.