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March 12, 2009

Writable Measure Tape

About this project

Because this measure can be written your marks, it enables you to take measurements of many things without remembering their correct length.
It should be able to lessen mistakes.


For example, it is useful when you want to know if things can be put inside of shelf or not.
Only thing you should do is measuring the length of shelf and writing down marks on this product. Using this, you can know the maximum size of what you can put on the shelf easily.

Design : Naoki Terada


In the website of MUJI.net, run by MUJI, there was a project Monodukuri "furniture・electronics". That project produced many items made from dreams from customer , using "CUUSOO.COM" developed by CUUSOO SYSTEM Co.,Ltd.

The Website of「CUUSOO MUJI( http://www.muji.net/community/mono/cuusoo/ )」had been supported by many users, but it was closed in March 12th in 2012.

Now, "Writable Measure Tape" had been sold in MUJI store or shop as a basic product line-up.
However it is not available currently.